Carlton Owners Club

“Website dedicated to the kitcars previously sold by Carlton Automotive Ltd back in the 1980's and 90's.”

This will have pictures and information on cars and parts for sale and wanted in relation to the Carlton Carrera, Commando, and Acer.


7th Sept 2009

Carlton Carrera - For Sale - Make an offer! - Carlton Carrera bodyshell & chassis cortina/capri version 2+2 i believe it dates back to 1986 i think! Andy, Manchester, T:07903506412

10th June 2009

Carlton Commando - For Sale - Make an offer! - Carlton Commando which needs some work on engine and brakes. This one is based on the 1984 mk4/5 Cortina with the 2-litre Pinto engine It is a runner with reasonable tyres but engine smokes and brakes need complete rebuild. Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to finish it. Richard, Biggin Hill, Near Westerham, Kent, T:01959573398

18th May 2009

Carlton Carrera - For Sale - 2 lt pinto engined carlton carrera. It was on the road some time ago and registered. Then some one decided to stripe it to up grade , took out the interior, also the brakes need bleeding , and it needs a new clutch, other wise its all their the engine starts and runs well. also with many spares. Its gel coat white, do you know if any of your members would be interested as an unfinished project or could you give me another contact to speak to or e-mail. I hate to sell it i think the shape is fantastic . kelvyn john, north wales, T:01978821103 M:07799366948

10th Feb 2009

Carlton Carrera - For Sale - CARLTON CARRARA 2+2, 3.5 Rover V8 with Auto Box, 2.8 Injection Capri Interior, Not Painted Not Regestered, Cortina Front, Capri Rear (New Springs + Shocks), (Car starts, drives and stops) Call Paul on Mob: 07754595562 GBP 1100 ONO pictures below...

Mob: 07754595562 Mob: 07754595562 Mob: 07754595562

17th Feb 2008

1984 Starlight Campervan back unit - For Sale By Tuckett Brothers - Fibre glass conversion unit possibly suitable to make a Carlton Commando camper! Price: 10 quid. See Tuckett Brothers


24th Dec 2007

Carlton Carrera Floor Pans - J.W. want's floors & center tunnel. Originals if possible.

28th Jan 2007

Carlton Carrera - I've been contacted by a fellow kit car owner expressing an interest in obtaining a Carlton Carrera. Their preference is for a diesel version, but they're not in any rush to buy. Just an inquiry at the moment, but I will pass on details of anybody who has one for sale.


Carlton Carrera Moulds - Original Carlton Carrera master template moulds wanted by the club in order to make replacement body pannels.